Welcome to Motherhood!

Congratulations! Whether you’re a brand new momma or just had another baby… changes are in store. Your body just went through A LOT. Give yourself grace. You deserve it. Using the dropdown menu under “Momma” above, you’ll find popular topics. (Planning to add more!)

Motherhood is an Evolution of Yourself

You might be afraid that motherhood will become your entire identity. You might miss your life before baby. Your relationships and friendships may shift, as will your priorities. Consider motherhood as an evolution- You were already sister, daughter, friend, partner, wife, a worker in your profession, a pursuer of hobbies and interests… now you are adding a new title- Momma.

As they say, “You were someone before you became a mom, and that woman matters, too!” While the newborn phase may take up a lot of your time, I promise that eventually you’ll have time for your hobbies, interests, even work again if that’s what you want or need. For now, it will help to do anything you can not to feel isolated with your new baby. Connect with your friends in person or virtually. Go out with your partner while baby is still mainly sleeping. Take walks in your neighborhood or at a nearby park. Watch your shows and read your books before your tv is filled with toddler television and your books are all board books with chew marks. Listen to your podcasts and keep up with your favorite blogs. It can be easy to feel consumed with motherhood, so it’s important to feed your own interests as well.

Take Care of Yourself

Using the drop-down menu under “Momma” above, you can learn more about self-care, perspective, and maternal mental wellness. After you give birth, everyone is concerned with the baby. Is the baby eating enough? Is the baby sleeping enough? But who mothers the mother? Are YOU eating enough? Are YOU sleeping enough? Are you doing okay, physically AND mentally? It’s important to prioritize your own wellness so that you are able to care for your family.

Don’t have anyone to mother you? Let me. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like.
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