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Baby Buddha
Portable breast pump

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BeauGen Breast Pump
Flange Cushions

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Cure Hydration

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Lacteck Flanges

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Breast pumps

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Sarah Wells
Designer Breast Pumping Bags

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Baby Bottle Prep Accessory

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Breastmilk Chiller

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Pumping Spray and Balm

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Dairy Fairy/Milkful Bras

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Davin & Adley
Nursing/Pumping Bras

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Reusable Milk Storage Solutions

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Kindred Bravely Maternity
and Breastfeeding Apparel

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LaVie Mom
Pumping Massagers

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Love & Fit
Breastfeeding Apparel

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Breastfeeding Protein Powder

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Organic Herbal Care

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PumpinPal flanges

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Pumping Bra

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Simple Wishes
Nursing/Pumping Bras

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* DISCOUNT LIST: Condensed, Alphabetical Version *

Amara Babyfood LINK Discount Code: AMARAPUMPS
Baby Buddha Breast Pump LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA
BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP
BeMyBreastFriend Boob Bag LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA10
Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookies LINK Discount Code: PMP10
Birds & Bees LINK code: PMP20
Bokee Baby Bottle Prep Accessory LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA15
Cake Maternity and Breastfeeding Apparel LINK Discount Code: PMP15
CeresChill LINK code: PUMPITUP
Coboo Spray LINK code: PMP15
Cure Hydration LINK Discount Code: HYDRATE2LACTATE
Dairy Fairy & MilkfulMom Bras LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP
Davin & Adley LINK Code: PMP10
Idaho-Jones Breastpump Bags LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA10
Junobie LINK code: PUMPMOMMA10
Kindred Bravely Maternity and Nursing Apparel LINK Discount code PMP15
Lacteck Baby Motion Flanges LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP10
LactiCups Milk Collection Cups LINK Discount Code: PUMP_MOMMA_PUMP
LaVieMom Pumping Massagers LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA10
Lillemer Lil’Buds Heating Comfort Packs LINK Discount Code: PMP15
Loveevery Toys LINK click to access!
Love & Fit Breastfeeding Apparel LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA
Mila’s Keeper GLASS pumping bottles LINK code: PMP15
MilkDrunk Breastfeeding Protein Powder LINK Discount Code: PUMP10
MiracleMilkookies LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP
Motherlove Herbal Body Care and Supplements LINK Discount Code: PMP15
Nursing Queen clothing LINK Discount Code: PMP10
Pumpables breastpumps LINK Discount Code: PMP10
PumpinPals flanges LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMA5
PumpStrap Pumping Bra LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOM20
Sarah Wells Designer Breast Pump Bags LINK Discount Code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP15
Simple Wishes bras LINK code: PMP15
SouperCubes LINK code: pumpmommapump10



E-Books offered here are written by CLC Amanda Glenn from
YES all of these books are also available on her website, but you can
SAVE by using the discount codes I got for ya!

Exclusive Pumping Playbook
Save 30% with code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP30

Exclusive pumping can be overwhelming. Ready to make it MUCH easier?
You deserve to feel CONFIDENT and PROUD of the way you feed your baby.
The Exclusive Pumping Playbook walks you step-by-step through creating the perfect pumping schedule for YOUR life, plus hacks to stick to it.

Ultimate Pumping at Work Workbook
Save 30% with code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP30

Going back to work after having a baby can be overwhelming- especially when you’re breastfeeding.
Ready to pump at work like a boss?
Save yourself from HOURS of stress and frustration with the easy-to-follow guide.
Get ready to pump breastmilk at work with confidence.

Exclusive Pumping and Milk Supply
Save 10% with code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP10

Are you stressed about not pumping enough breast milk for your baby?
Exclusive Pumping and Milk Supply walks you through everything you need to establish your milk supply with a breast pump. Includes invaluable checklists, cheat sheets, and videos. This guide is everything you need to know about increasing milk supply when exclusively pumping.

Weaning from the Pump
Save 10% with code: PUMPMOMMAPUMP10

Thinking is might be time to stop pumping?
No idea where to start? Prone to clogged ducts or mastitis? No problem!
You deserve to wean safely and confidently, and end your exclusive pumping career feeling proud.
This is the only plan written for exclusive pumping mothers by an exclusive pumping mother.

Baby Formula Expert’s course:

CONFIDENTLY FIND THE BEST FORMULA FOR YOUR UNIQUE ANGEL. Dr. Bridget Young’s signature step-by-step method to finding the right baby formula with confidence. 

Use code PUMPMOMMAPUMP to save 10% on Dr. Young’s course by clicking HERE


* I only promote products I have used myself, products that have been personally vetted by mommas from Pump Momma Pump’s community, or products I honestly believe in. Believe me, I have turned down A LOT of products, promotional or not. While every momma’s body responds to pumps and pump parts differently, I find that the ones I promote are widely used and loved by exclusive pumping mommas… and we know our stuff! There is a lot of trial and error in exclusive pumping… not everything works, and you’re not going to love everything I promote. But hey… if you were thinking of buying it anyway, a discount never hurts!

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