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Hi, I’m Melissa G, the CLC (Certified Lactation Consultant) behind PumpMommaPump. I’m the proud momma of two pumplings with 22 cumulative months of exclusive pumping under my belt and a lot of wisdom to share from those journeys and the journeys of pumping mommas just like YOU! Follow along, and remember… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The Perfect Pumping Room

In today’s post, I share my own experience redesigning two pumping rooms at my workplace and share ideas for dream pumping rooms! PLUS- ideas for mommas who don’t have adequate pumping rooms at work!

Get down with your “Let Down”

Let-down: Your “let-down” is your milk ejection reflex. Nipple stimulation signals your body to produce oxytocin to signal to your aveoli [milk making cells] to release milk down into your ducts and out your nipple. Many women feel tingly or even pain during this, lasting briefly. You may also feel sudden fullness or leaking. If… Continue reading Get down with your “Let Down”

Pumping can suck.
What sucks more is figuring everything out by yourself.

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