Multitasking While Pumping

TIME was the biggest complaint mommas had about pumping in a recent survey I ran titled “Why Pumping Sucks.” It’s true… especially for exclusively pumping mommas, pumping can take A LOT of time out of your day. Even though you are literally MAKING MILK (which is hella productive if you ask me) it can seem…

How do I know what Flange size to use?

Why is there so much conflicting information when it comes to flange sizing? Flange sizing is SO MUCH MORE than “here, go measure yourself.” Mommas don’t usually know where/what to measure, and there are other factors that play into successful flange sizing than measurement alone. What are those factors?

Your period and milk supply

Scenario- Your period DID come back, and there went your milk supply. *facepalm* So… is your milk supply going to come back? Many mommas experience a decrease in supply after their period returns. Why did my period affect my milk supply, and what can I do about it?


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Pumping can suck.
What sucks more is figuring everything out by yourself.

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