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Melissa Guerriero CLC, @Pump_Momma_Pump

NOTE: Melissa Guerriero from PumpMommaPump has limited availability at this time. She specializes in flange consultation and all things PUMPING specially.
Linked below you will find two recommendations who I can personally vouch for as being amazing resources for all things breastfeeding.

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Sarah Lang RN MA IBCLC, @MilkSprouts

Sarah is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who does live and virtual consultations. She covers all pumping/nursing topics including prenatal prep, latching/feeding, oral assessments, milk supply, returning to work, starting solids, and weaning. She also does flange sizing consultations for $25. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge in all things breastfeeding, She’s honest and kind, hilarious and real. I think you’ll really like her!

Contact Sarah at sara@milksprout.com or sign up for a consultation HERE
Insurance accepted by MilkSprouts: Cigna, United Health, and Anthem BCBS

Kaia Lacy, CLC, @LowSupplyMom

Kaia is a Certified Lactation Counselor and IBCLC in training. She specializes in low supply but is knowledgeable about all things breastfeeding/pumping! She offers prenatal planning, feeding support, and low supply counseling. She is empathetic and kind, exactly who you need if you are struggling and in need of help.

Contact Kaia at lowsupplymom@gmail.com or sign up for a consultation HERE


I wanted to thank you so much. I have a 1 YO baby girl, and I just stopped pumping (pump and complement). Your content helped me so much when I was in my darkest days, grieving because I wasn’t able to breastfeed her fully. You encouraged me to continue and not to feel bad about my decision. Your information taught so much that I was able to do it until she was 1 (which I never thought I could). Thank you again for the empowerment and for being a light for all the new moms who feel the social pressure of breastfeeding. ❤️” ~Diana R

I just finished pump weaning after 11 months ep, enough stash to get through a couple more months. This to say – your account made such a huge difference and oh how I wish I could have seen this months ago! They bring tears to my eyes now thinking about the woman I was 10 months ago figuring this whole thing out, feeling alone. Thank you for all you do!” ~Lindsay K

I wish I found you when I was EP with my son. I had a HORRIBLE experience and was soooo scared going into breastfeeding with my daughter- BUT I did find your page when I was pregnant with her and had THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I learned soo much and truly YOU helped save my journey!!! I was able to share what I learned with my friends, build an AMAZING FREEZER STASH and feed my baby for sooo much longer!!!” ~Liz L

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