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Melissa Guerriero CLC, @Pump_Momma_Pump

NOTE: Melissa Guerriero from PumpMommaPump has limited availability at this time. She specializes in flange consultation and all things PUMPING specially.

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I wanted to thank you so much. I have a 1 YO baby girl, and I just stopped pumping (pump and complement). Your content helped me so much when I was in my darkest days, grieving because I wasn’t able to breastfeed her fully. You encouraged me to continue and not to feel bad about my decision. Your information taught so much that I was able to do it until she was 1 (which I never thought I could). Thank you again for the empowerment and for being a light for all the new moms who feel the social pressure of breastfeeding. ❤️” ~Diana R

I initially found Melissa after a friend suggested I follow her on Instagram. Not only is Melissa’s Instagram account super informative, but my session with her was so incredibly helpful. I found that many  LC’s that had been recommended to me focused on nursing and had limited firsthand knowledge of what the EP journey looks like. I reached out to Melissa because I wanted a LC who was familiar with Exclusive Pumping and had the experience to help. Melissa also looks at the whole picture and not just your pumping journey. I went to her with concerns about flange sizing which turned into a whole bunch of other concerns after being diagnosed with mastitis a few days before our session. Melissa was not only empathetic to my journey, but she helped me target a few areas that would improve my EP journey. I’m only 12 weeks in, but I have no plans of stopping in the near future thanks to her help and guidance. . ” ~Jess D

I met with you back at the end of March for a consult and my EP journey has been so much better than I could have ever expected 🤍 I took your advice and got flanges that fit which made a world of difference when I’m pumping and I got the momcozy s12 pro which have given me more freedom and flexibility to pump on the go and not bring my spectra with me everywhere or feel stuck in my house. I also set smaller, more manageable goals with my journey. Instead of looking at the long term, I’m focusing on shorter term goals like just making it through the next month. And when the month flies by (which they do ever so quickly) I realize I can do another month! ” ~JessicaDanielle

I just finished pump weaning after 11 months ep, enough stash to get through a couple more months. This to say – your account made such a huge difference and oh how I wish I could have seen this months ago! They bring tears to my eyes now thinking about the woman I was 10 months ago figuring this whole thing out, feeling alone. Thank you for all you do!” ~Lindsay K

I wish I found you when I was EP with my son. I had a HORRIBLE experience and was soooo scared going into breastfeeding with my daughter- BUT I did find your page when I was pregnant with her and had THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I learned soo much and truly YOU helped save my journey!!! I was able to share what I learned with my friends, build an AMAZING FREEZER STASH and feed my baby for sooo much longer!!!” ~Liz L

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